Adelaide Wedding Ceremony Planner


Congratulations on your decision to get married. You have probably just made the most important decision of your life.

Making the decision to get married for some will be a long wished dream come true; dreams of wedding dresses, flowers and a beautiful bride and groom. For many it will be a highly emotional day, a day of making promises;

"I promise to honour you and care for you lovingly, to support you in good times and in bad, to be there for you as you will be there for me"

Perhaps it is a chance for some to blend two families, children and step-children - for Mum and Dad to become equals in a new relationship;

"I will love you as though you are my own, in committing to this marriage we share not aonly as husband and wife but as mother and father"

Rituals can be shared: sand ceremonies, lighting a candle for absent loved ones, scattering of rose petals or releasing of balloons. These rituals show that the wedding is about two people comeing together to pledge their love in front of friends and family. Declaring to be husband and wife and making a promise to share a life together.

Within the marriage ceremony there are several legal requirements that must be met. This aside, you may choose to have whatever themes and ceremonies that you desire. It can be elegant and sophisticated, relaxed, humorous or casual. It can be conducted at the beach, in a quaint chapel, within the walls of a private garden, or atop a cliff. Anyting you desire is possible.

My job as your marriage celebrant is to ensure that I create a ceremony that is unique to you, and to present it in a style and manner that will meet your expectations.

So call me now on (08) 7183 3686, mobile: 0412 704 367 or e-mail me and I will call you.